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History of Monroe Township


Located in the southwestern part of the county along the Ohio River, it borders the following townships:

  • Batavia Township - north

  • Tate Township - east

  • Washington Township - south

  • Ohio Township - west

  • Pierce Township - northwest

















Campbell County, Kentucky lies across the Ohio River to the southwest.

No municipalities are located in Monroe Township, although the communities of Laurel, Nicholasville, and Point Pleasant lies in the township's south along the Ohio River.




State Routes located in the Township

State Route 125 (Ohio Pike)

State Route 222

State Route 232

State Route 52



It is one of twenty-two Monroe Townships statewide



Monroe Township is the birthplace of American  Civil War Four star General and 18th President Ulysses Simpson Grant. The home he was born in still stands today and is a museum located in Point Pleasant along State Route 52 in Monroe Township.

Not much is known about the fire dept before 1948. In that year a trailer with a pump was bought and stored in a building located in Laurel. When needed someone would respond hook the trailer up and pull it to the location of the fire. The dept purchased its first motorized apparatus in 1952 the truck sat at station 33 until April of 2011. Sold in auction it was bought by a long time resident and member of the Fire Dept. The site of the first formal firehouse is where station 33 is today. The building has been changed and added on to over the years.

  The Fire Dept was a private dept until November of 2002. January 2004 brought the fire dept to start staffing 24/7 365 with the passing of a fire levy.

The Monroe Township Life Squad At One Time was also a private dept separate from the fire dept. In May of 2004 the Life squad like the fire dept also came under Township control. With both the fire Dept and life squad now under township control the two departments were merged.  The merger and change of control to be under the township allowed the township to staff 24/7 365 Fire and EMS coverage.

 Monroe Township is located approximately 22 miles east from the City of Cincinnati, Ohio. We operate out of two stations which are both staffed 24hr a day 7 days a week. We currently employ 7 full time and around 40 part time Firefighter EMT’s and Paramedics. We have a diverse group of people working here. Many work at other Fire/Ems department’s career and part time. They come from different walks of life. We are a true melting pot.


Monroe Township is comprised of 31.7 sq. miles and according to the 2000 census had a population of 8,235 residents and 2,992 housing units. The US census bureau estimated in 2008 the township had a population of around 9,109.

 A survey was conducted by the Fire Department in 2009 which estimated the percentage of the residents that fall below the low to moderate income level is 62.5%. The Township has experienced a great deal of growth over the last ten years mostly residential. These have been individual built homes and are not in planned growth areas.

 The Township also contains more mobile home parks per capita than any other township in the State of Ohio. There are 7 mobile home parks containing approximately 730 mobile homes or approximately 3,000 residents or 36% of the township population is located in these areas. This compounds the problems for the Fire Department because all of these parks have private metered water systems with no fire flow. The need for early warning of occupants in the time of a fire is essential to helping prevent fire fatalities and minimize property damage.


We respond to about 1800 calls a year. 


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